Skywatch Friday – be calm

Looking at the sky, it looks calm.

I hope I am calm too. Unfortunately, my mood slightly upside down. Be calm. 


Blue sky is backĀ 

We have haze for few months and now finally, the sky is clear.

Love the blue sky now.


Friday – a new start

Stop for few years, time to restart with more wonderful life with pictures.


Photo Hunter – Taste

Weather is really hot recently.
I hope I can always stay inside an air cond room.

Or having an ABC.

ABC stands for air batu kacang which is one kind of desserts in ice.

Skywatch Friday : Pray for me

I uploaded this Guan Yin photo with a clear blue sky and hope that Guan Yin can protect me through out these periods…. Pray for me, good luck to me.

Skywatch Friday : Clear blue sky

Seldom can see clear blue sky at my hometown.
Lovely day~

These days, I seems tired and sleep early. I feel hungry easy but I know I got to control it else I will become fat. Maybe too busy with projects in day time and feel tired.
Anyway, today is friday, I can have a good rest on weekend..
Good friday to you all.

Photo Hunter – Magical & City Hall

This can be considered city hall of bangkok. Check out the magical lighting at the night, it said ” JOY IS BMW ” Do you know what this means?