Watery Wednesday : Funny rocks nearby seaside

I thought it is natural to be like that. But, logically, it should be purposely made by people. Alot of people surrounding these rocks nearby the seaside. I came across this during my visit to Sausalito, California. A nice place to see the yatch. Seeing this picture, I remember the breeze from the sea and I feel sleepy wanna to take a nap if I could. How’s your Wednesday?

Captured this picture at Sausalito, nearby seaside, July 2011.


Watery Wednesday : Leo J. Ryan Park

Leo J. Ryan Park has a very beautiful lake. The water area seems very calm for a nice small kayak paddle session. Sitting nearby the lake, you can feel the spring breeze gently brushing against your face. It was really relaxing.

Captured at Leo J. Ryan Park, 4th of July 2011.

Watery Wednesday : Lakeside at Hilton Dallas

It was really nice to have a walk at the lakeside to enjoy the peaceful moment after a long day of working. Ducks swam freely in the lake with cloudy sky , seeing them I also feel relaxing. In KL, Malaysia, we seldom can see such scenery except it is in the zoo or in the park. I enjoyed staying there for almost a month. I hope I have chance to go there again next time.

Captured at lakeside nearby Hilton Dallas, Aug 2010.