Skywatch Friday – Hot Air Balloon

This is our 9th MyBalloonFiesta and recently held at Desa Park City. I went to this event with my family. We feel happy seeing the beautiful and colorful hot air balloon flying up to sky. We saw many people came and picnic over there. Too bad, I did not prepare any food and do not plan to have a picnic over there. Maybe next time, I will plan to go for a picnic there. And maybe I should also plan to ride the hot air balloon together with my family. I like to attend such event because I feel it encourages family togetherness and it is really a good family gateway activity.



Skywatch Friday – Raining Day

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur has a tourist place – KL Bird Park. It is located at KL Lake Gardens. This is a good place for a day trip with parents and kids. They are many birds and animals around you. It is a fun place. We can see many birds moving around freely. Kids can see the birds in much closed distance.

There was one day, we visited KL Bird Park. Initially, it was a cloudy day. We enjoyed the weather and the sight-seeing around.

After that, suddenly, it rained. It did not spoil our mood. I do captured a nice picture of this raining day.



Skywatch Friday : A good day for Qing Ming

Last weekend and this weekend will have many people go for Qing Ming. During this Qing Ming festival, young and old pray for the ancestors, sweep the tombs and offer food, tea and flowers.

I should always remind myself to go back home town frequently to see my parents and accompany them for some events. Just visit them often and talk to them before everything is too late.

Hope you guys have a great Friday. This is my Friday skywatch photo. A clear sky with some white cloud lines created by plane.

Photo Hunter : Spicy & Shoes

Santa Claus wears spicy red outfit and black shoes sending a night mask cream for me on last year Christmas. 😀



Watery Wednesday : Leo J. Ryan Park

Leo J. Ryan Park has a very beautiful lake. The water area seems very calm for a nice small kayak paddle session. Sitting nearby the lake, you can feel the spring breeze gently brushing against your face. It was really relaxing.

Captured at Leo J. Ryan Park, 4th of July 2011.

Happy Valentine Day

Today is Valentine Day.

How’s you guys celebrate it with your love one?
Dinner, movie, shopping, flowers and stuck in traffic jam.

I do not have any celebration on Valentine Day.
I will just sit at home and watch drama to spend my night.

Hope you guys have a great Valentine day today.


Skywatch Friday : Continue CNY mood over the sky

Still got 2 more days to end Chinese New Year.  We have 15 days of Chinese New Year actually. Although I started to work for a week, I still want to get the feel of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year always gives me a happy mood due to everyday or every weekend, there will be activities going on.

Hopefully you also can enjoy the feel of Chinese New Year with the red lanterns hanging over the sky of Thean Hou Temple~