Thankful Thursday – Get well soon

Due to bad weather recently, many kids fall sick. Not only kids, adults also fall sick. Bad weather for me means morning and noon time weather very hot and suddenly in the evening or night time, raining heavily. Weather changed dramatically do caused our body cannot get used to it easily and this will make our body immune system low.

Last few days, my son fall sick. Fever, cough, flu. His nose discharge is green color. He vomits few times due to thick phlegm. After all, following from that, my husband also fall sick. He cough and flu.

Virus spread everywhere in the house. I hope I can stay strong. I hope they can get well soon.



Thankful Thursday – Good Sleep

I have a better sleep yesterday night.

Since Monday till Wednesday, I need to wake up 530am to prepare to work. 6am, I need to drive out to office and I start work at 7am. I used to be in this routine since 4 years ago. Just that, in February, I was on leave and every day I can sleep till 7am. Therefore, starting March, I need to back to normal routine which make me feel difficult and tired to wake up in 53oam.

Thursday, I am at home and finally, I can sleep until 7am. That’s really a good and thankful thing which I can sleep more.

Feel Good Thursday #4

I got this divination paper from FGS, Jenjarom during my visit to there few days back.

I would like to always remind myself about this sentence. Amitabha~

The wording in the paper as below :-

真正的富有,是欢喜而不是财富; 真正的贫穷,是无知而不是无钱。
The real rich is joy rather than wealth; real poverty, ignorance and not money.



Feel Good Thursday #3

3 more days to go for Chinese New Year.

Setting up plum blossom tree at my house do make me feel good~

Have you start to decorate your house?



Feel Good Thursday #2

My doggies do make us feel happy always..

They love to jump around.

They bark when there are strangers.

They love to sit beside us for rest.

Today, let me introduce Xixi. She has a good smile and she looks beautiful and feminine. 🙂

Captured at hometown, Tampin, Jan 2012.



Feel Good Thursday #1

Seems like no photo theme on Thursday.

So, I would like to create my own Thursday theme.

I would like to share and hope everyone can share on what’s make them feel good.

Captured at KLIA, August 2011.

Happy Thursday~