Skywatch Friday – Hot Air Balloon

This is our 9th MyBalloonFiesta and recently held at Desa Park City. I went to this event with my family. We feel happy seeing the beautiful and colorful hot air balloon flying up to sky. We saw many people came and picnic over there. Too bad, I did not prepare any food and do not plan to have a picnic over there. Maybe next time, I will plan to go for a picnic there. And maybe I should also plan to ride the hot air balloon together with my family. I like to attend such event because I feel it encourages family togetherness and it is really a good family gateway activity.



Skywatch Friday – Calm

It was really difficult for me to go for trips. Once in a blue moon, during year-end holiday, I had a chance to go for a half day trip nearby beach. We decided to go to Gold Coast Sepang nearby Tanjung Sepat village.

Early in the morning, walking along the low tide beach with my lovely big and little man, it was really an enjoyable moment for me. Facing the wide blue sea, listening to the wave sound and feel the wind blow on my face.

The sky looked calm on that day. My mind also feel calm and relax.

Photo was taken at Gold Coast Sepang, Malaysia.


Photo Hunter – Address

Address is an important thing that needed when applying work, applying loan, applying school and etc.

My hometown address : 82, Kampung Baru, Tampin, NS.

It may become a history soon as the house may not belong to us in future. I have many memories in this house with my parents and siblings.

When we grow up, each of us has own house in other places. We will have own own address now. I hope we can still be closed as old times and always keep in touch with each others.

Address is the home that linked the persons who stay inside together.


Skywatch Friday – Raining Day

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur has a tourist place – KL Bird Park. It is located at KL Lake Gardens. This is a good place for a day trip with parents and kids. They are many birds and animals around you. It is a fun place. We can see many birds moving around freely. Kids can see the birds in much closed distance.

There was one day, we visited KL Bird Park. Initially, it was a cloudy day. We enjoyed the weather and the sight-seeing around.

After that, suddenly, it rained. It did not spoil our mood. I do captured a nice picture of this raining day.



Watery Wednesday -Shark

Recently, I and my family visited KLCC Aquarium. This is our 3rd time to KLCC Aquarium. Every time we pay the visit, I also can find there are many interesting things that attract me and I do bring back good memories.

Many sea creatures swim around and my son likes it. He can explore new things and after the trip, he managed to draw a picture with titled under the sea.

In this Watery Wednesday, I wanted to share an amazing picture that I captured during my visit to KLCC Aquarium. It is a shark! Please do not eat shark fin, save the shark.


Photo Hunter – Magical & City Hall

This can be considered city hall of bangkok. Check out the magical lighting at the night, it said ” JOY IS BMW ” Do you know what this means?

Get promo for travel

My hobby is travelling. I love travelling a lot. I enjoy capturing the happy moments during travelling. I grow up in a rural village. The life in the rural place is relaxing and slow pace. After graduated from university and work at a big city, life is changed. Life becomes stressful especially in IT industry. Since then, I always plan few trips in a year to relax my mind and get rid of the hassle of the city.

Every year, I will have some trips with my husband, my family and my friends. Sometimes, I also need to go for business trips. I can consider myself a frequent traveler. I have a wide range of travel locations which I wanted to go. Travelling can also help to make my knowledge becomes wider as I can expose to different people with different culture.

But, travelling needs a lot of money. Yeah, I did spend a lot of money on flight tickets, hotel accommodations, transportations and meals. For some places, we need to get tour guide to bring us around. Some other places, we need to pay the entrance fees. Sometimes, we do need to pay some tips to the tour guide. Furthermore, sometimes I buy souvenirs for family and friends. All these consume a big amount of my expenses.

I always search for budget trips. Internet is my source to look for promotion or discounts. I like to search for promo codes to see if there any travel promo which can get me cheap flights and cheap accommodations. Based on my experience, I personally found that Travelocity promo code is good choice for those who looking for promotion.

How’s your travel plan this year? If you haven’t decided the method to how to budget your trip, you can follow my way to search for the travel promo codes. Enjoy~