Photo Hunter – Basic

Nowadays we always have a lot of processed food. We hardly can get whole food and natural food. My friends around me, always have heavy taste and heavy cooking styles food such as curry, deep fried, spicy and etc.

Basic is the things that I am trying to practice in my daily life. I cook basic food for myself and my family. I am trying to put more types of vegetables with different types of color into my daily meals. I am trying to put less sugar, less salt and less oil to my meals.


Basic is the basic of life.


Skywatch – Future home

Not sure have you heard of people buying the future home first but they have not yet passed away. Some people buy the future home for their own use. Some people buy the future home for investment and they can resell to others and earn some money on it.

I am considering to buy the future home for myself and settle the will within these few years. I prefer to put myself inside the temple and can always listen to Buddha songs. I plan to get myself a simple and calm ceremony.

I want to get things settled before I am not here anymore. I feel safer to be like this. 

Photo Hunter – Bag

My son has been going to school for 1 year. This green froggie bag has been accompany him all these while. In his school, only him having the green color bag. I hope this green froggie bag can always bring him happiness and healthy.

Skywatch – Worry


My husband recently has problem on his liver and I do feel worry on his situation. His body is having a lot of heat wave inside and his liver seems not good in detox the toxin out of body.

Maybe should go for a medical check up to see what happen. I understand going for a scanning is really scary.

Changing lifestyles to sleep earlier, no spicy and fried food, more vegetable juices, exercise more and less stress may help.

I hope the situation will get better and I hope he can change his lifestyles for the shake of me, his son and his mom. Pray hard for me…



I hope to have my own house

I hope to have my own house. Not sure when this can be happened. I hope to stay with my son. I prefer small condominium. I feel more easy to maintain and clean. Big house is not my cup of tea. Small condominium with 3 rooms is prefect. One is my room, another one is my son room and another one can be multipurpose room. Maybe staying with my mom will help me to make this happen. 😒


People always selfish and think only for themselves. This is fact. 

When someone is only thinking for himself, then his world has no more “US”.

Anyway, today I am not doing anything that wrong. I shouldn’t receive such bad treats. Just to be fair with me, ok? I do not owe anyone anything !

Photo Hunter – Baby

My baby is now turning 4 years old. He starts schooling. He learnt many things from school.

Sometimes I feel really tired after work then I need to coach him for his homework.

Sometimes I do feel frustrated if he keeps on disturbing me when I was rushing with work at home.

Sometimes I do feel angry if he throws his temper and doesn’t listen to what I am saying.

Still, I love my naughty boy.