Photo Hunter – Ceremony

Last year, my son has the kinder garden year 3 graduation ceremony. The kids had the dancing and singing session in the stage. This was his first time standing on the stage to present himself. He was cried due to fear.

I hope this year, he will be better and can present himself well on the stage. I promise him that I will sit in front of the stage taking pictures for him.


Photo Hunter – Basic

Nowadays we always have a lot of processed food. We hardly can get whole food and natural food. My friends around me, always have heavy taste and heavy cooking styles food such as curry, deep fried, spicy and etc.

Basic is the things that I am trying to practice in my daily life. I cook basic food for myself and my family. I am trying to put more types of vegetables with different types of color into my daily meals. I am trying to put less sugar, less salt and less oil to my meals.


Basic is the basic of life.


Photo Hunter – Bag

My son has been going to school for 1 year. This green froggie bag has been accompany him all these while. In his school, only him having the green color bag. I hope this green froggie bag can always bring him happiness and healthy.


Photo Hunter – Baby

My baby is now turning 4 years old. He starts schooling. He learnt many things from school.

Sometimes I feel really tired after work then I need to coach him for his homework.

Sometimes I do feel frustrated if he keeps on disturbing me when I was rushing with work at home.

Sometimes I do feel angry if he throws his temper and doesn’t listen to what I am saying.

Still, I love my naughty boy.



Photo Hunter – arrow

Our life always appearing many arrows which direct you to follow. We always thoughts following the arrows make us moving towards happiness. Never give anyone else the responsibility to control your happiness. Do not follow people blindly on the arrows that given by people. Be happy, love yourself and be yourself.


Photo Hunter – Age

I feel myself getting near to my old age phase. I wanted to do many things in my mind, but I feel I am just thinking and hardly put into action to make it happens. Getting older, many things do out of my own control and I have many commitments. I cannot say I want to do then I can do it. I need to consider many things. I am not as freedom as I was in young age. Or, I am not as brave as I was in young age? Furthermore, my health is not as good as young age, this is for sure.

Old age, this seems to be far but actually it’s near. What I will be in my old age?

Photo was taken at Pulau Ketam, Malaysia.



Photo Hunter – Address

Address is an important thing that needed when applying work, applying loan, applying school and etc.

My hometown address : 82, Kampung Baru, Tampin, NS.

It may become a history soon as the house may not belong to us in future. I have many memories in this house with my parents and siblings.

When we grow up, each of us has own house in other places. We will have own own address now. I hope we can still be closed as old times and always keep in touch with each others.

Address is the home that linked the persons who stay inside together.