ABC Wednesday: H

Since I am a vegan eater, I start to cook at Home.

From a person who do not know how to cook, now I slowly learn to cook some simple meals. Today, I cook egg roll with seaweed. It is a quick and easy dish. Time required to cook and prepare this dish is only 10min. Just beat the eggs and fried in a pan with some oil. Cut the seaweed and place the seaweed on top of the eggs. Roll the eggs. At last, cut the eggs into cubes.

Home cook food is more healthier than having meals outside. Home cook food is the love for my family.

ABC Wednesday



Watery Wednesday -Shark

Recently, I and my family visited KLCC Aquarium. This is our 3rd time to KLCC Aquarium. Every time we pay the visit, I also can find there are many interesting things that attract me and I do bring back good memories.

Many sea creatures swim around and my son likes it. He can explore new things and after the trip, he managed to draw a picture with titled under the sea.

In this Watery Wednesday, I wanted to share an amazing picture that I captured during my visit to KLCC Aquarium. It is a shark! Please do not eat shark fin, save the shark.


Photo Hunter Saturday – New

New life brings hope. Hope will always bring sunshine and happiness to one’s future. 

Starting with this new photo hunter series, I hope people will look forward every Saturday to hunt special photos and share with me.

Happy photo hunter.

Happy Saturday!

Skywatch Friday – Rainbow

The day when my father passed away, it was a raining day. It rained for a while and the sky turned to be clear with a rainbow.

I feel calm to see the rainbow after the rain. This may indicate my father has reached a better place to start his new life. This is also indicate flourish, prosper, good, sunlight and everything will be fine in future.

I feel sad of my father sudden death. All my family cannot accept to this. Doctor said even through can save his life but due to serious damage on brain, he is not able to take care of himself anymore. If my father is still around but he is totally disabled, he needs people to take care of his daily routine, we also feel sad to see him to be like this. We believe he himself also doesn’t want to be like this situation. Long term suffering due to not able to move, eat, daily routine needs people to take care, now seems to be the right choice for my father.

I slowly learn to accept this. I will always miss you, my father.



Thankful Thursday – dim sum breakfast

It has been long time we did not go for an enjoyable breakfast.

We enjoy our food while chit chatting about our works, our near future changes and so on.

I do feel my work is not bad even through I feel bored due to I have been working here for 7 years. But, I understand that I need the flexibility and the trust from my boss. I will try to focus on my work to get my work done.

I feel thankful as today is Thursday. One more day to go then we can have our weekend.