Watery Wednesday : Leo J. Ryan Park

Leo J. Ryan Park has a very beautiful lake. The water area seems very calm for a nice small kayak paddle session. Sitting nearby the lake, you can feel the spring breeze gently brushing against your face. It was really relaxing.

Captured at Leo J. Ryan Park, 4th of July 2011.


PhotoHunter : Old but Loud

From the outlook, you will have the first impression “Old”. Yeah, it is old and it has been one of the last remaining Hainanese coffee shops in town. During lunch time, you can see many people queueing over there to get a place to eat. Hainanese pork chop, curry mee, toast breads and kaya swiss rolls are my favourite.

Looking inside from this old styles of window, you can see people speak loud and just like those old days where our grandpa having tea time with friends while bluffing this and that.

Captured at Yut Kee @Jalan Dang Wangi,Kuala Lumpur  , 2009.

Skywatch Friday : Torch at Mexican Kitchen

First time for me to visit this kind of restaurant. I was attracted by the torch on fire around this restaurant. I enjoyed the environment there very much.

Honestly, first time trying Mexican food, I feel quite weird. After few time, I started to like it. This is one of the restaurant which famous in Dallas. They serve good traditional and modern Mexican cuisine.

Captured at Cyclone Anaya’s Mexican Kitchen, Dallas, Aug 2010.

Watery Wednesday : Lakeside at Hilton Dallas

It was really nice to have a walk at the lakeside to enjoy the peaceful moment after a long day of working. Ducks swam freely in the lake with cloudy sky , seeing them I also feel relaxing. In KL, Malaysia, we seldom can see such scenery except it is in the zoo or in the park. I enjoyed staying there for almost a month. I hope I have chance to go there again next time.

Captured at lakeside nearby Hilton Dallas, Aug 2010.

Photo Hunter – Circle and Point

Love the hand made arts starting from points round the whole circle.

Have you identify those points of circles? Hmm, not yet? Look at the picture again, you can find it. Hehee….

Captured at roadside souvenirs stalls, Bali Jun 2011.

Skywatch Friday : Starry Night Putrajaya

I do not have a tripod. I do not have a DSLR. Yes, this was my first starry night view. Learnt how to capture this from my colleagues. They taught me how to capture this view using my Canon S90. The effect was so cool~

Hope you guys like it.

Captured at Putrajaya, August 2010.


Watery Wednesday : Meaning welcome, Bali

I am not sure the exact meaning why Balinese loves to put flowers inside water and places them at the entrance of the door. But I guess, it means Welcome, Bali. 😀

Captured at Bali, Jun 2011.