Photo Hunter : Texture & Local Streets

These building have nice wall texture.
I captured this at 6th street, so called local streets, Austin.


Skywatch Friday : Getting dark

Captured this picture on my way back from Cheras to Pudu.
It was 7.30pm at that time.
I can say it was still early but the sky was getting dark.
I feel that the sky looked like painting at that moment.
Too bad I was using my nokia 5800 to capture it.
The picture looks not so nice. Hahaha…
I should bring my canon S90 with me to capture this beautiful sky.
Enjoy, and happy Friday!

Only for photo sharing

To gain the popularity of my blog I need to make it publicity. But sometimes, I wrote something which kinda private and I myself forget that I shouldn’t publish it. Haha..

I want to keep this blog as photography and advertising posts only. I want to stop inserting my personal emotion inside here. That’s better I guess.

Alexa Ranking

Do you guys know how to increase my blog alexa ranking?

This ranking is important to make my blog more popularity.  Haha..

Actually, I also would like to attract advertisers to find me for advertising.


Always be positive

I hope to share beautiful things to people.
But sometimes I do forget that I did said gossip and bad things.
I should learn to stop spamming people with negative thoughts.

Photo Hunter : Reflect & Humour

I saw some streets performancers in Central World, Bangkok. They incorporate and reflect the humour in their street performances. These are art~

Skywatch Friday : Look outside

Busy week.
Tired of works recently.
I just feel I should get rest again. Hmmm…
Actually, I just went to Bangkok for short trip in March.
And now just end of April, I already feel I should take another break.. hahaha.. What happened to me ya?
Checking my bangkok photos, I found this. I captured this inside the flight.
So nice, I hope I can fly again in short term..
Let’s start planning!