Writing is important for me. Writing represents personality. A good and neat writing brings a good image of a person. 

To have a good and neat writing needs patience. 

I am proud to have a good and neat writing. My parents always coach me strictly and remind me always to learn to have a good writing. 

Writing is just like life. Learning to have a good and neat writing is just like learning to move towards better, neat and good life. 

Messy writing makes people life miserable. 

Photo Hunter – Ceremony

Last year, my son has the kinder garden year 3 graduation ceremony. The kids had the dancing and singing session in the stage. This was his first time standing on the stage to present himself. He was cried due to fear.

I hope this year, he will be better and can present himself well on the stage. I promise him that I will sit in front of the stage taking pictures for him.

Skywatch Friday – looking forward


My mom is visiting me. Hope we will have a good chit chat together.

My son will be going home after school. That’s great.

Happy Friday.

Photo Hunter – Change

Staying in city, life is stressed. City folks rush every minute for their livings. In young age, they start to get sickness. So do I.

I agreed that earning for a living and work late is needed. But in the mean time, my health is affected. Due to my work, most of the time, I sit all day long. No time for exercise. This is no good.

I want a Change. I want to change my daily working life to move more. Such as, I can try stand up more during my working hours. Plan to have 1 – 2 times exercise in a week.


If he feel headache, then just rest and keep the environment silent.

Good luck to me for the rest of the week.

Photo Hunter – begin

I hope my son grows up faster so that I can have more freedom for myself. 

Begin from today, I want to learn to be happy. I want to be honest to myself. I want to find out the answer.

Wish me good luck.

Skywatch- not as perfect as I want

Time flies. 

When the time I was before married, I was a happy and everything seems controllable under my own manage. I was happy to go traveling with friends. I just feel lonely and I should get a companion.

After married, I feel things not as expected as before. House chaos, taking care son, working, I feel tired and I do not have times for myself. I have not travel for almost 5 years! I am not sure and maybe due to I am not happy, this affects my health. Things are not getting better as per what I want. Sigh… 

I hope there is a magic hole which can bring me towards happiness.