Skywatch Friday – Rainbow

The day when my father passed away, it was a raining day. It rained for a while and the sky turned to be clear with a rainbow.

I feel calm to see the rainbow after the rain. This may indicate my father has reached a better place to start his new life. This is also indicate flourish, prosper, good, sunlight and everything will be fine in future.

I feel sad of my father sudden death. All my family cannot accept to this. Doctor said even through can save his life but due to serious damage on brain, he is not able to take care of himself anymore. If my father is still around but he is totally disabled, he needs people to take care of his daily routine, we also feel sad to see him to be like this. We believe he himself also doesn’t want to be like this situation. Long term suffering due to not able to move, eat, daily routine needs people to take care, now seems to be the right choice for my father.

I slowly learn to accept this. I will always miss you, my father.




Photo Hunter : Bliss and Animal

My house has a cat. She already quite old. She is good in catching rats and lizards. She doesn’t like people disturbing her. She loves to be alone especially sleeping on the grass in my garden. She feels blissfully being alone without aware of the people around her. That’s my cat – Miao Miao~

Captured at Tampin, Dec 2011.



Skywatch Friday : Rainbow in the evening

Normally, we can see rainbow after the rain.
But, that day I saw rainbow before the rain started.
Nice mood seeing rainbow in the sky.
A beautiful evening I had in my hometown.

Captured at Tampin, my house. Jan 2012.


Feel Good Thursday #2

My doggies do make us feel happy always..

They love to jump around.

They bark when there are strangers.

They love to sit beside us for rest.

Today, let me introduce Xixi. She has a good smile and she looks beautiful and feminine. 🙂

Captured at hometown, Tampin, Jan 2012.